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Hedge Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a hedge looking at its best.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Removing dead, dying and dangerous trees in tight spaces, over obstructions and buildings is a specialist task.

Crown Reduction

Removing or thinning around 30% of the branches and dead or congested shoots to let in more light.


Pollarding is a method in which the upper branches of a tree are removed to promote a dense head of foliage.


Felling is the process of downing individual trees, this can be extremely dangerous if left to the inexperienced.

Stump Grinding

The removal of stumps using a stump grinder to grind out the main root plate, potentially hazardous and best left to us

Thinning & Deadwooding

If dead wood is left unattended, it may attracts pests or cause the tree to get a disease. dead wooding is usually carried out along side crown thinning.

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